Pastoral and Church Resources

Focus on the Family is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive in Christ. We have a high value of the Church and, as a parachurch organisation, part of our calling is to care for and equip pastors, church leaders with resources that build stronger, more engaged families leading to flourishing churches and communities.

How Can We Help You?

We want to serve you in your ministry and be a resource to you in all thing’s family.

Facilitator Based Programmes

Some of our programmes require training to become a facilitator. We may be able to deliver these programs in your church, or perhaps train facilitators from your church to roll out the programme annually.

No Apologies.  (Consider this program for a youth Camp).

No Apologies

No Apologies is a character-based abstinence curriculum that helps young people make wise choices regarding high-risk behaviour, including sexual involvement

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Raising Highly Capable Kids. (An Outreach program facilitated by your church at a nearby School).


LIFE LINE: 0861 322 322
RAPE CRISIS: 0800 150 150
CHILDLINE: 0800 055 555
AIDS HELPLINE: 0800 012 322
SUICIDE CRISIS LINE: 0800 567 567 or
SMS to 31393

Or for more help and emergency numbers visit: Grace Counselling or