Girl Power (Girls Of Harbor View)(Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Christian Art Publishers
Author: Melody A. Carlson
Format: Paperback
Audience: Youth
Width: 140
Length: 210
Pages: 260

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Girls will discover what happens when Morgan, Amy, Carlie, and Emily, unlikely friends brought together when they come to live in the Harbor View Trailer Park, join forces to make their world a better place.
Girl Power is a collection of two stories from the Girls of Harbor View range. In the first story, the girls have to deal with a local bully while trying to figure out how they can make the trailer park they live in better. Will they be able to find the courage to stand up to him and the means to transform the trailer park?
The second story follows the girls as they try to fix up an old bus they want to use as a club house. In the process, they uncover long-hidden mysteries involving old records, dusty books, and a private journal filled with secrets. Where will these mysteries lead them and why have they stayed hidden for so long?


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