Love Is… Bible Study Guide: 6 Lessons on What Love Looks Like


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What is love? This six-week Bible study helps teen girls understand what true love looks like. By focusing on the life of Jesus, these girls will come to understand that Love is, first and foremost, a Someone. The more we understand Jesus, the more we understand God’s original intent behind this overused, abused, and muddled word: love.

Each week girls will do an in-depth study of one of Jesus’ relationships described in the Bible. By examining the way Jesus interacted with others, they will see the perfect example of love. Through four repetitive phases―read, realize, respond, and retain―teen girls will learn a method of studying the Bible that they can apply to any Scripture passage and that will motivate them to read more frequently and independently in the future. By analyzing the Bible stories, each girl will in turn be able to analyze her own relationships to see if they are based on God’s idea of love and will walk away with a deeper understanding of the love relationship God seeks to have with her.


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