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Giving kids a sense of their worth and potential

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Pricing: Our desire is to offer this event at no cost to your church or community. We want to impact as many people as possible and create as few barriers as necessary. If you are able to gather 100 people or more, our commitment is to be available at no charge. Our only requirement is that we are offered the opportunity to invite those in attendance to become partners with Focus on the Family.

Includes: Pre-Event Promotional Graphics and Tools
Focus on the Family Staff Support

Speaker/s: Kudzai Chimango (Thandeka Dlamini for isiZulu presentation)

Duration: 2.5 hours (Two sessions of 45 minutes with 20-minute interval which gives time for opening and closing and a short intro session from Focus with video.)

Event Description: Many parents shelter their children from the responsibilities of the adult world, often with the good intention of “letting them be kids.” In the process, though, something can get lost—namely, the

empowerment and sense of worth that come from being given an important role in society. As a result, many kids today don’t know their own value.

Another aspect is setting rules and boundaries. You want your child to learn self-discipline and to understand that certain behaviors won’t be tolerated. But you don’t want to be clashing constantly, either. As it turns out, reasonable and consistent limits and consequences aren’t just for your convenience. They can benefit your child for life.

Based on the greatly successful programme: Raising Highly Capable Kids and the 40 developmental assets that children need to develop to be healthy, happy, and thriving individuals.

What to expect/topics covered:

  • Empowerment: Do your kids feel valued and safe?
  • Service: Do they have opportunities to roll up their sleeves anddo the satisfying work of contributing to their community?
  • Limits that liberate: clear fair and consistent.

Speakers Bio:

Kudzai Chimango is a qualified social worker as well as a qualified Facilitator and Assessor who brings with her over 17 years of experience in the child protection sector. Kudzai has always had a passion and an urge for making a difference in the lives of people in her community. Based on this passion and desire to work with children, families, and communities, Kudzai studied towards an Honours Degree in Social Work. Kudzai has worked at various child protection organisations such as Johannesburg Child Welfare where she was responsible for abandoned babies for adoption,  Childline KwaZulu Natal where she ran the Crisis line and Outreach Teams, Edith Benson Babies Home where she ran the Child and  Youth Care Centre and Childline South Africa where she managed the Global Fund programmes. In 2016 Kudzai joined Focus on the family Africa where she is the Director for the Community Engagements Department.

Kudzai and Wavell have been married for 15 years and together they have two beautiful children Joshua 14 years old and Jayden 5 years old. 

Thandeka Dlamini is one of the Lead Facilitators for the parenting programme Raising Highly Capable Kids. As a single mother to seven-year-old Asemahle she understands the importance of good parenting. Thandeka is enthusiastic about serving the community and seeing parents develop a healthier relationship with their kids. Thandeka’s life has been a testimony of God’s grace and goodness. Although mistakes were made along the way she shares God’s redeeming love for her as she helps many other single mothers navigate parenting their children alone. Working at Focus has given her opportunities to collaborate with and facilitate training for people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Thandeka is currently pursuing a lifelong dream to study further and has been accepted to study a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development.

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