No Apologies

Our No Apologies Programme equips children and teens to make wise choices regarding high-risk behaviours, including sexual involvement before marriage. The curriculum deals with upholding the value of the individual, marriage, the family, and the importance of keeping ourselves pure for our future spouse. This curriculum was endorsed and adopted by the Department of Education in several provinces and has proven to be effective with children from all walks of life. Focus Africa has managed to reach over 2 million children with this character-based programme.

With the use of youth facilitators, we have found that the children open up a lot more about what they are thinking as well as what they are going through. Our facilitators provide a confidential box, paper, pens, and crayons, giving children a chance to comment on the programme and also to call for help. We have received many gratitude notes and some desperate calls for help. We receive notes alerting us to cases of rape, potential suicide threats, and child abuse of all types: physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. Having social workers on the team has made it possible to react almost instantly to any cries for help from the children attending the programme. The pledge cards although optional have also ensured that the children remain accountable to themselves for their decision to remain pure.   

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