Tales of Hope


Imagine you just finished Matric, you haven’t gotten into university, you are unemployable, and you have to go home to a house full of 6 kids depending on you for supper that night. What would you feed them? How would you cope? What would be your motivation to carry on? This is the state of hopelessness our child-headed homes face every day. Many of them haven’t even finished school yet and most won’t. Our goal is to change that outcome for them. Through Tales of Hope, we aim to offer hope the hopeless. Our facilitator meets with a group of children from child-headed homes, most of them the head of their home, and through peer support the kids realize right away they are not alone. They build a community amongst themselves and our curriculum shows them that they can have hope for a better life. We also provide for whatever physical needs we can, and hope to offer a feeding scheme to the children to take the pressure off being the sole provider for their siblings so that they can focus on their studies until they matriculate.