For Christ in Cambridge (Charles Simeon)


Author: MacLean, George
Publisher: CFP
Format: Softcover

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Charles Simeon was well known among his peers for many things including being one of the first among his set to purchase the new invention of an umbrella. He was smart and well turned out and enjoyed all the pleasures that life offered a well-educated young man in the 1700s studying at Cambridge University. His interest in religion, however, didn’t go much beyond trying to salve his conscience by good works. Yet, one day at the age of 19when he was preparing to take communion, he realized his sin could only be dealt with by transferring the guilt of it to another – the Lord Jesus Christ. With this realization his heart was flooded with gospel peace and from that day on Charles Simeon was set on a remarkable pathway to spread the good news of Salvation through preaching God’s Word.


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