More Than A Mom: How Prioritizing Your Wellness Helps You And Your Family Thrive (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Kari Kampakis
Format: Paperback
Audience: Women
Width: 140
Depth: 15
Length: 213
Pages: 240

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If you’ve parented long enough, then you’ve learned firsthand why your personal wellness matters. You’ve felt the pain (or consequences) of devaluing yourself. Whether your wake-up call came from a diagnosis, a breakdown, an issue with your child or spouse, anxiety, or simply feeling depleted and numb, it most likely unveiled this truth:

Mothers are humans too. We require love, compassion, rest, and renewal. Taking care of our needs strengthens us and equips us for the road ahead.

In More Than a Mom, bestselling author Kari Kampakis offers a practical, approachable, and attainable framework to stay on a healthy path. You can take your kids only as far as you’ve come–and since their strength builds on your strength, you must take time to focus on you.

More Than a Mom is about unleashing God’s power in your life and standing on timeless truths that will help you:
• Know your worth and embrace your purpose
• Build strong, uplifting friendships that you can model for your children
• Quit the negative self-talk and make peace with your body
• Learn to mother yourself by resting and setting boundaries

The world shaping your children is more callous and complex than the world that shaped you. Kids need to be stronger, smarter, and more rooted in what’s real. Empower your son or daughter by tending to your heart, soul, body, and mind. Give them a vision of a healthy adult–and know that as they launch into the real world, they will build on what you started.


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