Leaning On The Promises Of God For Moms (Mass Market Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Author: Sally Clarkson
Format: Mass Market Paperback
: 102
Depth: 19
Length: 170
Pages: 208

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While being a mother is challenging, demanding, and sometimes isolating, it is one of the most important, heroic, and life-changing roles out there, and God is with you every day on the job.
In Leaning of the Promises of God for Moms, Sally Clarkson provides you with the words you need at the times you need them most. This gift of daily encouragement and Scripture passages is meant to inspire you, grant you wisdom, and remind you that your job is not only important here and now but eternally. As you shape the next generation, Leaning on the Promises of God for Moms will give you practical ways to bring God’s life to the lives of your children.

While walking along the path of motherhood, this gift of precious and important words will guide you on your journey, filling you with the grace and unfailing love God has for you.


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