Bringing Up Boys SA Print (Mass Market Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Author: James C. Dobson
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Audience: Family
Width: 106
Depth: 22
Length: 174
Pages: 288

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Here’s sensible advice and caring encouragement on raising boys from the nation’s most trusted parenting authority, Dr. James Dobson.
With so much confusion about the role of men in our society, it’s no wonder so many parents and teachers are asking questions about how to bring up boys. Why are so many boys in crisis? What qualities should we be trying to instill in young males? Our culture has vilified masculinity and, as a result, an entire generation of boys is growing up without a clear idea of what it means to be a man.
In Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice And Encouragement For Those Shaping The Next Generation Of Men, Dr. Dobson draws from his experience as a child psychologist and family counsellor, as well as extensive research, to offer advice and encouragement based on a firm foundation of biblical principles


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