Loving Your Husband / Wife Well Bundle: A 52 Week Devotional (PB)


Language: English
Publisher: Revell
Author: Lisa Jacobson, Matt Jacobson
Format: Paperback
Audience: Couples
Width: 140
Depth: 28
Length: 216
Pages: 448

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Imagine if, at the end of the year, despite your busy schedules and all the demands on your time and attention, you and your spouse were more in sync, more connected, and more in love than ever before. Sounds amazing, right?

That kind of marriage is what is waiting for you and your spouse as together you read through the 52 weekly devotions in Loving Your Husband Well and Loving Your Wife Well. Each week’s entry in both volumes centers on the same theme and includes Scripture, a powerful devotion, a prayer, thoughts for further reflection, and practical ideas, all designed to help you love, cherish, and serve the person who shares life’s journey with you.

This bundle makes a thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift, and it’s the best gift you can give yourselves if you long to transform and strengthen your relationship with each other.


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