Snowy (Hardcover)


Language: English
Author: Angus Buchan
Format: Hardcover
Audience: Kids
Width: 229
Length: 229
Pages: 48

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Saddle up for a fun-filled ride around the farm with Farmer Angus and his horse Snowy. Snowy loves Jesus and listening to Farmer Angus praying and reading his Bible every day. The two of them are best buddies and enjoy working together on the farm.
Snowy shares farm stories that kids can relate to and learn lessons from, such as the time Snowy decided to be friendly to Big Stuff, a very grumpy and angry horse. Or the time Snowy was scared to cross a river and Farmer Angus helped him to overcome his fear. Each story is accompanied by a Scripture verse and prayer. Kids will love the fun farm activities for every story, which include mazes, puzzles and spot the difference.


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