Easy To Read Bible: Practice Your Reading And Learn The Bible (Hardcover)


Language: English
Publisher: Scandinavia Publishing House
Author: Jacob Vium Olesen
Format: Hardcover
Audience: Kids
Width: 163
Depth: 17
Length: 240
Pages: 208

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The Easy to Read Bible uses simple words to tell timeless Bible stories. This way, first readers can practice their reading and get to know the Bible at the same time.

The Easy to Read Bible contains stories of various lengths, so there is something for any time—no matter how much practice time is available.

Key Points:
• Perfect for homeschooling
• Suitable for leisure reading
• Proven artist provides colorful and accurate biblical illustrations
• Provides an excellent overview of the Bible with stories from both the Old and New Testament
• Great title for first readers with huge letters and lots of space on each page
• Uses simple words that are suitable for first readers


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