The 4 Pillars Of Success 2nd Edition (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Struik Christian Media
Author: John C. Maxwell
Format: Paperback
Audience: Leaders
Width: 152
Depth: 15
Length: 228
Pages: 288

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One of America’s foremost experts on leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell believes that people need to master skills in four areas if they want to be successful. In this new edition of The 4 Pillars of Success, these four areas are called the four pillars, because they are key features of attaining success.

The four pillars are:
• Mentoring – help others achieve the next level
• Self-improvement – improve your life, improve yourself
• Success – overcome obstacles that keep you from success
• Teamwork – talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships

The 4 Pillars of Success will show you exactly what success looks like and will help you on your way to significant growth in all four these areas. The books asks some key questions about these 4 pillars, and the answers to these questions will show you how positive, goal-oriented leadership can make you stand out in your organization, and how your leadership skills will help you to go all the way to the top.

• Softcover
• Size: 222 x 152 mm
• 288 pages
• Modern and updated cover, layout and examples


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