Jesus Changes Everything: It’s Time to Embrace God’s Unconditional Love


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Are you Experiencing New Life?
You were probably told that salvation is a free gift. But trying to live up to what you think God demands feels like anything but a gift.
The problem? You’re basing your Christianity in the Old Testament—making your faith a law-based religion. But the New Covenant, which God has put in place through Jesus’ death, changes everything. Bestselling author Bob George opens up the Scriptures and guides you through truth that will make God’s plan clear. You’ll be able to see how, in your life…effort, guilt, and fear from living under law will give way to rest and peace from realizing that your relationship with God doesn’t depend on your performance
motivation by punishment will be replaced by inner motivation through his complete acceptance
the sense of distance from God will be transformed into confidence in his unconditional love
Nothing could be better than experiencing the fullness of God’s plan for you. This fullness is yours because Jesus changes everything.