Prayerful Parenting: A Guided Prayer Journal (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Christian Art Publishers
Author: Julie Cunningham
Format: Paperback
Audience: Women
Width: 165
Depth: 8
Length: 219
Pages: 128

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Are you stressed out and stretched thin? Are you worried about your child’s future and wondering if you’re hitting the mark as a mother? Are you sometimes too tired to know what to pray or where to start? Do you want to become a better parent and leave an eternal legacy for your children? Do you need support so that you can become the best parent you can be?
God has given mothers the most important role of raising the next generation of leaders. The task requires careful devotion and purposeful praying. Prayerful Parenting is a prayer journal that will help you to center your heart on God’s parenting truths so that you can pour out from a full heart, the love and nurture your children need.
Praying through the prayer themes will connect you to God, lift your heart, correct your course, and usher in help from heaven so that you can be God’s best version of yourself as a parent.

• A guided prayer journal for mothers.
• Divided into 24 themes based on biblical character traits such as love, peace, patience, self-control, compassion and contentment.
• Each theme offers an encouraging thought, an inspirational quote, a relevant Scripture verse and a powerful prayer.
• 3 thought-provoking questions at the end of each theme will prompt reflection with space to write down your own personal prayer or notes.
• 128 two-color pages.


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