Pocket Bible Devotional For Men Navy (Paperback)


Language: English
Author: Stephan Joubert
Format: Paperback
Audience: Men
Width: 115
Depth: 23
Length: 175
Pages: 412

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Being the head of the home and holding down a job can make you feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders. But you are not alone. God is right there with you.
The Pocket Bible Devotional for Men features 366 daily readings that will help you trade in the pressures of life for God’s peace as you learn to stand strong on the foundation of faith. Each day includes a collection of key Scripture verses and a short devotional thought on relevant topics such as anxiety, family, finances, leadership, success and wisdom. A thematic index is included so you can easily look up topics in order to find the answers you are looking for. The book’s convenient size makes it an ideal companion for your spiritual walk, whether you keep it on your bedside table or take it with you as you go.


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