Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World


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The first thing you may say to yourself when reading the title of this book, Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage our Multicultural World is what does CQ mean? It’s kind of like when you encounter someone who isn’t anything like you; you look at them and say, “what does that mean”. Just like with the absence of meaning, so to the presence of unfamiliarity is perplexing. If we are to serve Christ faithfully, we cannot operate this way.

As David Livermore points out, we need to “move from the desire to love across the chasm of cultural difference to the ability to express our love” (11). Is this not precisely the call of ministry? Yet, each person is different, matter what party, church, business, organization, country, ethnicity they belong to. Surprisingly, it si in these differences-precisely-that we find our richest encounters and most life-changing growth. While we are more comfortable “with our own”, there is no question: “today’s ministry leader” must recognize that the ability to transcend cultures and love other’s in their difference from themselves is an “essential competency” (11).

One cannot, however, simply “go, and do likewise.” Such efforts usually end in embarrassment and in denigration of the Gospel. So how do we improve? Read this book. Here, Livermore shows you how to measure and develop your “CQ”; the ability to effectively reach across the chasm of cultural difference in ways that are loving and respectful” (13). What is your CQ (Cultural Intelligence Quotiant)? How can you improve it? Read this book, and you will be on your way.

This book really is for anyone who is in any kind of ministry today, for in our global context multiculturalism is the rule of the day. It will be an asset to any classroom, and especially due to Livermore’s penetrating analysis, insight, and conclusions, will be excellent for all courses on missions and sociology or religion.