Rob Parsons - South Africa February 2024

Evening Event

Are you a parent navigating the beautiful chaos of raising children?
Wish you had a roadmap for smoother parenting? Join Rob Parsons as he shares his interesting parenting journey and the lessons he learned, many the hard way, and unravels the key insights that can redefine your parenting journey!


26 February 2024 - 7pm
at 3C Church, 8 Jan Smuts Ave, Irene, Gauteng


27 February 2024 - 7pm at
Choose Life Church - 589 Rubenstein Dr, Moreleta Park, Pretoria


29 February 2024 - 7pm at
Die Bron Kerk, Willowbridge Shopping Center

Morning Event

Our words make a difference.
For any public communicator, saying something that connects with the audience is essential, but that’s often easier said than done. What’s the best way to be emotive, relational, and practical whilst also keeping to the point?  At this popular seminar, Rob Parsons will bring together fifty years of public speaking experience. Rob has spoken to over a million people – multinational organisations, governments and congregations, and in every setting, he creates an authentic connection with those listening.


27 February 2024 - 9am at
3C Church, 8 Jan Smuts Ave, Irene, Gauteng


29 February 2024 - 8am at
Protea Hotel, Durbanville Cape Town


Rob Parsons is a Global Leadership Summit speaker, OBE and best-selling author. He is the founder and chairman of Care for the Family, a charity which aims to strengthen family life and help those hurting because of family difficulties, primarily in the United Kingdom.  Rob has spoken to over a million people at live events on family issues and at Christian and corporate events around the world. He has written several best-selling books, including The Sixty Minute … series on marriage, parenting and family life.   Rob is married to Dianne, lives in Cardiff in South Wales, and has two adult children, and five grandchildren.

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