RHCK 2021


Raising Highly Capable Kids Training For Parents

Raising Highly Capable Kids is a 13-week curriculum that is based on the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets which are building blocks for healthy development. Search Institute has undertaken decades of research with more than 5 million children and found that there are 40 building blocks every child needs to grow and mature. And the more of these Assets a child has in her life, the more likely she is to engage in healthy behaviours while veering away from those that are unhealthy. This evidence-based course helps parents raise healthy, caring, and responsible children.

In the world we’re living in – communication with our children is vital. Join this essential 4-session online training via Zoom (Raising Highly Capable Kids Training for Parents), which will equip you with the tools to help your children to grow into healthy, caring and responsible adults. The training will take place on 6, 13, 20 and 27 of August 2021 between 10am and 11am. 

While we encourage you to attend all 4 sessions (brief synopsis of each session below) you may select to attend individual sessions too. The cost is R50 per session. Please ensure you fill in the Registration Form below, prior to purchasing your ticket.

Session 1 on 6 August 2021:
The aim of this session is to help parents consider how histories and personalities have shaped our parenting and how we can make the most of our strengths and our weaknesses as parents

Session 2 on 13 August 2021  
Constructive use of Time : The aim of the second session is to evaluate how our children use their time, taking steps to keep our kid’s activities as constructive as possible. 

Session 3 on 20 August 2021  
Creating Character : To help parent choose and begin to develop in their kids three character traits from the following list caring for others, equality and social justice, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and restraint.

Session 4 on 27 August 2021
Like Facebook, only better : To show parents three ways to improve their children’s empathy, friendship skills, resistance to negative peer pressure, and ability to resolve conflict.  

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