Rainy Relay (Relay)

Get Out and Play!

sponges or rags

1. Place buckets full of ice-cold water at opposite ends of a field.
2. Runners line up behind each bucket.
3. Hand a sponge or rag to the first runner.
4. When the judge says, “Go!” the first runner sprints to the opposite bucket, dips in a sponge and wrings it out over the next runner’s head. The soaked runner grabs the sponge and runs back to the first bucket.
5. Keep handing off the sponge until everyone gets soaked.

A Champion’s Heart

Carry one another’s burdens… we must work for the good of all. —Galatians 6:2,10

At the 2008 Olympics, the difference between second place (silver medal) and fourth place (no medal) in the men’s 100-meter dash was four-hundredths of a second. Even the smallest gap can make a huge difference. For the relay, coaches choose four athletes who will each run their absolute fastest. If anyone falls behind, the team could go home empty-handed.

Being on a team means people depend on you. You might not be the fastest or the strongest, but when you do your best, you help the team run to victory.

Nehemiah wasn’t a builder. He served as the king’s cupbearer (more like a politician than a butler). But after invaders toppled the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah knew he had a job to do. He prayed to the Lord for help, then used his position in the royal court to talk with the king. The king was so impressed, he gave Nehemiah permission to rebuild, along with the supplies he would need. When the builders started to argue, Nehemiah used his wisdom and governing experience to lead the people through each crisis.

You probably aren’t running relays or rebuilding walls yet, but you’re still part of an important team—your family! Just like members of a relay, your team is counting on you. Whether it’s chores or taking care of your little brother, when you try your hardest, the whole family wins.


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