Help for families during the Covid-19 crisis

Focus on the Family is here to help you and your loved ones

A Message from Focus on the Family Africa CEO, Graeme Schnell

This is an uncertain moment for our nation, and indeed our world, as we collectively respond to this new coronavirus and its growing spread around the globe.

As I met with the Focus on the Family Africa team this week at our staff devotion, I shared that the scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” has been at the forefront of my mind. Fear is a tool of the enemy.  Although we should be prudent in our precautions to protect our families, panic has no place in the life of a believer.

Responding to the Coronavirus with Faith and Common Sense

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, shares his expert knowledge about the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting what families need to know and encouraging us all to respond to this crisis with faith and common sense.

Original Air Date: March 19, 2020

ANTIVIRUS - How to face these days without fear

It is possible to live without fear in these days of hype and uncertainty?

How will you respond to the COVID-19 in your community? Will you fight, flight, or freeze? This e-book by Mandi Hart will help you remain positive amidst the pandemic. 

Focus on the Family Launches Streaming Platform Focus@Home

During this pandemic, we know a lot of people are struggling to find creative ways to engage their families and their kids, which is why we’re dedicated to offering resources through this platform at no charge. Apart from our faith, nothing is more important than family in times like this. Together we can make the most of it and create a stronger family unit than ever before.

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Marriage During the Coronavirus Crisis

A crisis situation can bring you and your spouse together — or it can create stress and drive a wedge between you. Strained finances, a lack of intimacy, and tense communication may be some of the challenges you face while you’re homebound. But the messiness of this moment can be the perfect season to serve your spouse and show him or her how much you cherish them.

Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis

These are unprecedented times — schedules are suddenly wide open and home, school, and work are jumbled up like never before. What an opportunity to learn, play, and grow with your children! They’re watching you and need you now more than ever. This topsy-turvy time can be a gift. Make the most of it by connecting with your kids in new, meaningful ways.


Outside there may be upheaval. But you can have peace and hope because God is near. Open God’s Word together and let biblical truth bring contagious calm to your household. May it start conversations that uplift you and your loved ones and strengthen your faith, so you can encourage friends and neighbors around you. What will God do in your family during this time?

Picture This

This interactive devotional for Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine will help your 3- to 7-year-old children understand more about Jesus.

Time to Stop

Read this poem from Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine with your young children to help them pause and pray to their heavenly Father.

Out of the Box

Sit down, grab a Bible and read this devotional from Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine (for kids 8-12) to remind your family that God is powerful and personal.

Bible Kids Hall of Fame

Since Bible times, God has used children to accomplish His purposes. This devotional Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine will encourage your kids to do big things for Him!

Grasping Gratitude

The Bible says to “give thanks in everything.” But how is that possible? This devotional from Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine (for kids 8-12) can help.

Growing Closer Through Family Devotions

NFL chaplain Jonathan Evans and his wife, Kanika, offer parents practical ideas for effectively leading family devotions.

Fun Family Faith Activities

Find fun and faith-friendly activities that you can do as a family to encourage your children’s walk with Jesus.

A Simple Way to Start Family Devotions

Simple, practical and fun ways to start—or start again—family devotions that the entire family will connect with.

Recovering Emotionally From a Traumatic Experience

How can I find healing from the effects of disaster and trauma? Over the past month our community has been devastated by a terrible flood.

Calming Your Fears

From being afraid of heights…to spiders…to enclosed spaces, we all face different fears. Deborah Pegues [puh-GAY] provides practical help and hope to those who are dealing with anxiety and fear.

#2 How to Stay Sane During the Corona Virus

A 1-min programme produced specifically to assist families during the coronavirus pandemic.

#3 Managing Your Finances During the Corona Virus Part 1

A 1-min programme produced specifically to assist families during the coronavirus pandemic.

#4 Managing Your Finances During the Corona Virus Part 2

A 1-min programme produced specifically to assist families during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Coronavirus Update from a World-Renowned Geneticist

My friend Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., is one of the most brilliant medical doctors I know, and I was honored and delighted to welcome him onto the Focus on the Family radio broadcast today to discuss the herculean challenge we face with the coronavirus pandemic.

Surviving Family Lockdown

Covid-19 has put many nations in lockdown. People have been asked to stay home in an effort to reduce the number of infections. But, staying at home by coercion and not by choice can present its fair share of challenges. It puts a huge strain on the family.

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The Focus on the Family magazine is a marriage and parenting magazine that will help your family thrive in Christ.

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Brio means vigor, full of life and our magazine designed for today’s teen girls.

Pro Life

A pro-life worldview isn’t obsolete during times of crisis. In fact, the early Christian church was known for running INTO dangerous situations to help the sick, while the rest of the world was hurrying away. While we protect and look after our own families, let’s continue to care for the vulnerable and display a faith in God that’s more powerful than any virus.

We are here to help your family get through the COVID-19 Crisis