Daughters Remember Their Dads

Parents : Daughters Remember Their Dads

Prisoners’ tribute
Two words that describe my dad are hard work. When he gave his life to the Lord, he fervently served in prison ministries. He visited and encouraged prisoners for 25 years. After he passed away, we found a 3-inch folder filled with correspondence he’d received from former inmates expressing what a tremendous influence Dad had been in their lives. He was my hero.
Deanne H. Nelson, Winona, Minn.


Lots of good reasons
When I think of my dad, I see the twinkle in his eye, hear him whistling and feel his big arms around me. I remember sitting on his lap and listening to Bible stories after meals. My dad thought I was pretty and that was enough. He stood up for me when others were mean. Dad always made me feel safe. I always had everything I needed because he provided it. Because he had so many good qualities, I chose a husband with good qualities. Because Dad was always faithful, I can trust that God is faithful.
– Rae, TK


Send me
My dad was fondly called Pop by all who knew him. He retired and served at a Navajo mission where he lived in a mud house. Later Pop served with the Overseas Servicemen’s Center. He slept on a bed in a walk-in closet. In his 70s, he learned to ski and served as a gardener at a children’s Bible camp in Alaska. During the winter, he served at a seamans’ mission in Anchorage. He transported Bibles to various countries and went on missions trips to China, Albania, Cuba, Jamaica and Russia. Pop didn’t treasure money or things. He used his time and talent for God. What a heritage of faith he left us!
– Jan Howard, Hanna City, Ill.


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