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    · Persons who would like to publically screen this Date Night content must have registered with Focus on the Family Africa via the website no later than 15th May 2017.
    · The content provided may only be screened for public viewing within the month of May 2017.
    · The content provided may not be copied or distributed or reproduced for sale purposes.
    · Focus on the Family Africa will not charge any fee to those churches / organisations who participate in this May 2017 campaign.
    · The content includes a financial appeal request. The audience are asked to consider supporting the ministry of Focus on the Family Africa. Those who do decide to financially contribute will receive a generous gift of resources related to the content shared. Your assistance will be required ensuring the support cards are collected and sent to us after the event. Focus on the Family Africa will make contact and respond to these new partners in accordance with our free gift offer.
    · Focus on the Family Africa will offer general guidelines in terms of how to effectively help you host your Date Night Event.
    · Participating churches will be required to provide necessary feedback details concerning the date of screening and for impact purposes to also record the amount of attendees present at the Date Night Event.
    · Due to the sensitive nature of the content being directed at married couples. Focus on the Family kindly request those participating to use their own discretion as far as age appropriateness is concerned.
    · Upon your confirmation of participation in this campaign Focus on the Family Africa will then make contact with you and send you a specific link with downloadable marketing & promotional elements including the actual content.
    · In order to participate in this screening the visual and audio capabilities of your media equipment needs to be in excellent working order and any software updated so as to support the MP4 video format.

    I accept the terms and conditions