Counselling may be helpful for you if you are feeling anxious, unhappy, or unfulfilled or when you have experienced personal trauma in your life. You may have tried to cope with your problems on your own but have found it difficult. Our trained counsellors and therapists can help you develop skills to improve your life and/or relationships and help give guidance that is needed to make the best possible decisions. Our Counselling is offered at affordable rates.


Face to Face | Telephonic | Email | Online
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 4:00pm

Focus on the Family Office
32 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, Durban

Tel: +27 (0)31 716 3300

Just a couple of things
before you start:

1. We are not a crisis line and work office hours only (08:30 – 16:30 SA time), so, if your need is urgent, and you are in South Africa, please contact your local police station or one of the following crisis lines.

LIFE LINE: 0861 322 322
RAPE CRISIS: 0800 150 150
CHILDLINE: 0800 055 555
AIDS HELPLINE: 0800 012 322
SUICIDE CRISIS LINE: 0800 567 567 or
SMS to 31393

Or for more help and emergency numbers visit: Grace Counselling or

2. Our own telephone counsellors are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09:00 & 16:00. For marriage and parenting related questions.

3. Your e-mails are confidential. You can tell us anything. However, there are three exceptions to our assurances of confidentiality:

•   Any suspicion of risk of child or other abuse, based on the beliefs of the counsellor, must be reported to welfare or law enforcement authorities.

•   If your email is of or could have anything construed as something of a criminal nature or if you are involved in a court case in which your email may somehow be relevant, courts have the power to subpoena our records.

•   If someone’s life is in danger, the counsellor may choose to report it. This applies to all potential cases of suicide or homicide.

4. We will endeavour to respond to your email enquiry within a week.

5. Your email will be given to the first available and appropriately trained counsellor and will be checked by a supervisor before being sent out.

6. We are NOT doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists, but trained counsellors. For medical problems, please refer to the medical experts.

7. Focus on the Family is not liable for any act or omission taken by any user or third party in response to any information provided by the email service.

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We specialize in counselling

  • Marriage / Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Couples & Families
  • Children / Adolescents / Adults
  • Career Testing
  • Emotional Problems
  • Grief
  • Trauma

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      LIFE LINE: 0861 322 322
      RAPE CRISIS: 0800 150 150
      CHILDLINE: 0800 055 555
      AIDS HELPLINE: 0800 012 322
      SUICIDE CRISIS LINE: 0800 567 567 or
      SMS to 31393

      Or for more help and emergency numbers visit: Grace Counselling or