Admit Your Need For Her. (Part 3 of 9)

by Steve Chapman


There seems to be something spiritually therapeutic that happens in a man’s heart when he honestly admits he needs a woman. This could be true because deep in the recesses of his spirit, he knows he is agreeing with a declaration God made long, long ago in the Garden of Eden. Even though Adam was living in a perfect state with no disease, no death, no war and no mosquitoes (hopefully), God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suit-able for him" (Genesis 2:18). This was the first time, by the way, that God said the words, "It is not good." How right He was! I unashamedly confess that I would be a complete, worthless slob without my wife. And, in a strange way, it comforts me to admit it.

I want Nathan to know that he comes from a long line of men who needed women in their lives. His Grandfather Williamson, Annie’s dad, is a prime example. The story is told that on the day his fifth child was born he was out in the fields working. While he laboured in the corn, his pregnant wife went into labour and was taken to the hospital. When he heard the news, he hurried home to get cleaned up and go to join her there. Unfortunately, one little detail had been overlooked by his wife, who had suddenly been preoccupied with birth pains.

Normally, she laid out the clothes she wanted him to wear whenever the two of them went into public. The reason for this kind act was twofold. One, she was happy with how he looked. And two, he didn’t have to think too much. They were both completely satisfied with this arrangement. However, when he was left alone to dress himself, something went terribly wrong. Grandfather Williamson showed up at the hospital wearing one of his wife’s white blouses. When she saw what he had done, she declared, "No one should be that helpless!" Sylvia had definitely married a man who needed a woman.

I want Nathan to know that he, too, will do well to admit his need. Agreeing with God is a smart thing to do!


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Taken from 10 Things I Want My Son to Know: Getting Him Ready for Life by Steve Chapman. Copyright © 2002 by Steve Chapman. Used by permission of Harvest House Publishers. All rights reserved.