A Second Chance at Family

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A Second Chance at Family

by John Perrodin

The next generation … it’s not just a Star Trek spin-off. It’s the hope each man has if he is fortunate enough to hold a grandbaby in his arms. We hear the adage, “Grandchildren are a blessing,” but what exactly does that mean?

Too many men don’t realize what a special opportunity they have when they become grandparents. Perhaps you weren’t as involved as you should have been in your own kids’ lives. Maybe you made mistakes you now regret. Being a grandfather offers you a second chance … a chance to do it right this time.

No, you can’t turn back time, but the role of grandfather offers you the opportunity to be a loving, involved role model to your grandchildren — and perhaps in the process, heal troubled relationships with your own kids.

But it’s not easy, and it takes a commitment.

Where do you begin?

Grandparents today lead busy lives, and grandkids aren’t always geographically close. How do you close the gap?

Sometimes sacrifices must be made to ensure grandparents and grandkids get that important “face” time. Some families, though separated by hundreds of miles, vow to see each other at least once every few months. Doing whatever it takes means the world to those little ones. When a child knows that his grandparents love him, he feels a part of something bigger, something strong and healthy. And it gives him security during times of trouble.

Grandfathers are an important component in a strong family. If you work to nurture relationships with your children and grandkids, guess who they will come to when they have questions and problems? YOU, of course!

Staying connected

Continued communication is the key — and staying in touch is easier than ever.

Many granddads today are hopping online to send e-mails. Computer access is a great way to pass along meaningful stories and fun pictures that might just make a child’s day. And don’t forget the telephone. If your grandchildren’s parents are a little tight financially, how about sending your grandkids each a calling card so they can stay in touch?

What important event in the life of a grandchild is looming on the horizon? Is it a graduation, birthday or first lost tooth? Find out and make the day special by sending a card, buying a small gift — or best of all, showing up in person to give a big hug. Grandparents should make every effort to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives, even in the small, everyday stuff. If you happen to live in the same town, be sure to attend softball games, band concerts and school plays featuring . . . you guessed it, the grandkids!

By making these sacrifices, grandparents convey the message grandkids most need to hear: I love you!

Time is fleeting

Only God knows how much time we’re allowed here on earth. Recent events in our country should serve to remind us how important — and fragile — family ties are. Let’s make the most of every opportunity!

From the www.troublewith.com, a website of Focus on the Family. Copyright © 2002, FOF. All rights reserved. International copy secured. Used by permission.

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