A Woman's Legacy

There are 6 pillars to A WOMANS LEGACY

  • Forgiving Love  
  • Serving Love  
  • Guarding Love   
  • Persevering Love
  • Renewing Love  
  • Celebrating Love

The heart of a Woman’s Legacy is for rural community women in Durban and surrounds to know the Love of God and overflow THE SAME KIND OF LOVE for ALL people in their lives and community.

As the women begin to understand the incredible love God has for each of them, they will be able to go and shout it out to the world through their families and communities. Women are powerful, influential, and strong communicators. A Woman’s Legacy story telling necklace is a vehicle for these women to be able to share their stories of God’s faithfulness in their lives. This is truly a transformational piece as women empower women and children worldwide!

Barb Rosberg (Creator and Founder of A Woman’s Legacy)
Years ago, I was at Luthando one of 7 orphan care centers that Focus on the Family serves. It was there I met one woman, a beautiful ZULU woman who was serving Christ by feeding and caring for these marvelous children. She said,” I like your necklace.”

The voice of the Lord said to me, “Give her your necklace that you’re wearing.” As I lifted it off and placed it around her head, I not only watched her leap, scream and shout with joy but in my spirit, I heard the applause from heaven as I simply did what my heavenly Father told me to do…. That’s the day God emblazoned this idea for a storytelling necklace in my heart and mind.

Why Do This?
Because I love God, He called me to A Woman’s Legacy through one beautiful ZULU woman to a nation. This single woman expressed a need, I recognized the intrinsic worth of women worldwide and we are the same! We are caregivers, Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives we are women God has empowered us women to empower women worldwide to know his love and share it with others and especially with our children to know the love of God well into the next generation and beyond!

On her last trip to South Africa, Barb Rosberg trained 10 women in the community to be mentors who go out and spread A Woman’s Legacy message to other women in the community thus the programme has continued even in her absence. The mentors continue to meet every quarter to support, encourage and mentor each other on their journey to making a difference in the lives of the people in their communities.

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