That the World may Know:Cultures in Conflict #16 DVD (only)


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The culture in Corinth conflicted greatly with the lifestyle that the Apostle Paul proclaimed to those who chose to follow Jesus. In the same way, the church today is called to proclaim the gospel in every environment, showing the world what it looks like when we give our lives to Jesus. Filmed on location in Israel and Greece, Cultures in Conflict Video Study includes five sessions:
Engaging the Mind – Paul in the Stoa of Athens (Athens, 30:30)
Engaging the Heart (Athens, 28:00)
Turning Weakness into Strength (Timnah, Corinth, 32:00)
The Lord’s Supper – Discerning the Body (Corinth, Delos, 35:00)
Transforming the Chaos (Corinth, 33:00)
Dig deeper with the Cultures in Conflict Discovery Guide (BX5758- sold separately) with Scripture passages, discussion questions, sidebars, maps, and other study tools.