In Their Shoes (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Author: Lauren Reitsema
Format: Paperback
Audience: Family
Width: 140
Length: 216
Pages: 192

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Was a stepparent or biological parent in a blended family that has experienced divorce, you may encounter resistance. But take heart. That resistance is probably not because of your personality or something you’ve done wrong, but because of the position you hold. Walking in your child’s shoes for a while, to see things from their point of view, can make all the difference.

Lauren reitsema’s stories, research, and firsthand experiences will help you better understand the mindset of your child. While every stepparent/stepchild relationship is unique, there are many common themes that children experience as they adapt to their changing family. Lauren carefully explains these themes and brings out practical ideas that will help you cultivate authentic connections.

Discover what’s going on in the heart and mind of your child and learn to walk beside them. Your efforts will pay off in stronger, closer blended family relationships.


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