Sex Is Not The Problem, Lust Is


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Are You Guarding Your Heart Against Lust?
Lust isn’t just a guy problem—it’s a human problem. And unless we’re willing to honestly confront it, lust will destroy our relationships and our lives. This book (previously titled Not Even A Hint) calls a generation bombarded with pornography and images of sexual sin back to God’s standards and the freedom and joy of holiness.


In this book, I wanted to be straightforward about sexual sin without being graphic. It is my hope that this "PG-rated" book will speak to the person deeply entrenched in lust, as well as to those just flirting with temptation. I shared honestly about my own struggles to help expose the tactics of lust in the heart, and to help readers create a personal and practical plan for fighting back. I really wanted to help men and women find hope in God’s grace and learn the way to lasting change.

As I mentioned, Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is) used to be called Not Even a Hint. Why the change? Simply, we had a lot of people telling us that they had no idea from the title what it was about. Hopefully the new title makes it more clear what the core message of the book is all about.