The Great Marriage Experience-Family 101 Kit 5


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They’re Back! Dr. Gary & Barb are back with the next big step in the “101” series. Family 101 – Back to the Basics will help you learn how to “one another, each other”. The Rosbergs take eight key principles from the 44 one another verses of the New Testament and teach you how to live them out in daily life.

We are also thrilled to announce that the nationally acclaimed “Skit Guys” have joined the Family 101 team to bring their own unique brand of humour and insight.

Come along on the adventure and shine the light of God’s truth in the most challenging of places: Your Family.

Family 101 is the most versatile series we have ever produced and can be used in a multitude of ministry areas: Bible Class Elective, Student Ministries, Men’s/Women’s Discipleship’s or Community Outreach.

Dr. Gene Getz (author of 5 “One Another” books) says “the family is the Church in miniature, strong families make strong Churches.” Each session of Family 101 – Back to the Basics is a building block for strong families. Session length: 20-25 minutes each. 

Session 1: Let the Adventure Begin!                                  Session 6: Loving One Another
Session 2: Serving One Another                                        Session 7: Encouraging One Another
Session 3: Forgiving One Another                                     Session 8: Building Up One Another
Session 4: Honoring One Another                                     Session 9: Being Devoted to One Another
Session 5: Praying for One Another