If You Forget Everything Else, Remember This … Building a Great Marriage


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Lover, best friend and keeper of secrets; bringer of flowers, tea and sympathy when we’re in bed with the flu; sharer of private jokes, dreams and heartaches; the last person we see before we close our eyes at bedtime and the first we see in the morning – they are the most important person in our world.
Yet it’s so easy to forget to nurture, or even to simply take for granted, the very relationship that we care most about. Whether we have been married for five days or fifty years, we could all do with a little wisdom to help us navigate the highs and low and make our relationship as strong as possible.
Covering a range of topics from communicating well, embracing differences, handling in-laws, dealing with financial pressures, and sex and intimacy, Katharine Hill provides wisdom in bite-sized chapters. With real-life stories that will alternately make you laugh and cry, her honest and practical look at marriage is both engaging and encouraging.
So grab a coffee, turn the page, and if you forget everything else about building a great marriage, remember this …