A Little Book on Soul Care


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We live in a society that seems dominated by care for our physical bodies – Botox, detox, diets and gyms. But what about the health of our soul – the very centre of our being that affects every aspect of our lives?
A Little Book on Soul Care explores how we can look after our soul in a busy, pressurised world, creating spiritual rhythms that are achievable and sustainable. This is a realistic book, written out of experiences of brokenness and, perhaps above all, it is practical, showing how areas such as friendship, forgiveness, vulnerability and laughter all contribute to the wellbeing of our inner life. Paul Francis does not take you on a guilt trip, but on a journey that will encourage and help you in your walk with God.
“I believe that this little book can make a big difference in our lives.” Rob Parsons, author and speaker.
“Nothing works without having a healthy soul! … I love this book! … It’s easy, it’s practical, and it’s positive … wherever you are in life right now, you’ll find this wonderfully encouraging.” Christy Wimber, pastor, teacher and author.