What Do I Do When Teenagers Deal with Death?


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Nobody can prepare you for all the issues you’ll encounter when it comes to teenagers. Whether you work with teens or are trying to parent them, chances are that you’ve already run into a few things that you felt completely unprepared or ill equipped to deal with. You’re not alone! In this hard-hitting series of books, you’ll find answers to the difficult questions you face when challenges arise. In What Do I Do When Teenagers Deal with Death?, Dr. Steven Gerali will help you: * Understand adolescent death, whether accidental, illness-related, homicide or suicide * Grasp the stages of grief and what they look like in adolescents * Explore how theology informs the issue of death * Delve into questions that demand theological consideration, such as, “Why does God allow tragedy? or “Is the dead person in heaven?” * Get tips for practical ways to help when a youth group experiences death, including helping the grieving family and the surviving teenagers * Deal with your own personal grief in the situation With this practical book, you’ll have what you need to offer help and hope to hurting teens and their families, and you’ll find plenty of resources for help beyond what you’re able to give.