Bible Story Memory Games Old Testament


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Kids will have hours of fun as they play and learn more about the best-loved stories from the Old Testament with these brightly-colored card games.


There are thousands of stories in the Bible and teaching them to your kids can seem quite daunting. That is, until now. Here’s a fun and interactive way to teach your kids the best-loved stories and well-known characters from the Bible.

Bible Story Memory Games (Old Testament) will teach kids 26 of the most well-known stories from the Old Testament. Brightly-colored illustrations bring the stories to life, making it easy for kids to find the matching cards and to remember each story as they memorize the Bible characters. Also included is a fun clue game where you have to collect as many cards as possible by answering the Bible story clues correctly.

 Kids are guaranteed to have hours of Bible learning fun as they memorize characters from each well-known Bible story from the Old Testament