The Booth


Size: 148mm x 209mm
Author: Angus Buchan
Pages: 115

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The booth, by renowned and beloved author and evangelist Angus Buchan, is a practical guide to having quiet time with God. It abounds with biblical and modern-day examples of men and women whom God has used to change the world men and women who were disciplined in spending time in the booth every single day. Buchan stresses how time spent with God can change readers’ lives, their outlooks, and the impact they will have on society. By assigning a special place in your home and your heart and dedicating it as a point of meeting with God, believers can: find rest in Jesus’ presence; hear God’s voice; experience the power of God’s Word; find comfort in hard times; seek God’s guidance in decision-making. The booth draws on Buchan’s personal experiences as well as those of other giants of the faith, and is perfect for every reader who wishes to enter into a deeper relationship with the Lord.


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