Old And New Testament Coloring Bible Indexing Tabs


Language: English
Format: Set
Audience: Women
Width: 102
Depth: 3
Length: 105
Pages: 6

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Quickly reference each book of the Bible with these Peel and Stick Coloring Bible Index Tabs.
The line-art drawings on each tab accentuate your Bible pages while making it easy to flip to the desired book. Use colored pencils or gel pens to add vibrant colors to each Bible tab.
These Bible book tabs are self-adhesive and pre-cut to peel off with ease.

• Self-adhesive
• Pre-cut
• 38mm Tabs
• 6 Sheets
• 66 Bibles Book Names
• Matte Finish for Coloring
• Peel and Stick
• Placement guide include
• Packaging Size: 150 x102 x 3mm


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