Kindness Matters Three Piece Retractable Pen Set


• Language: English
• Format: Set
• Audience: Women
• Width: 33
• Depth: 15
• Length: 142

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The Kindness Matters Three Piece Retractable Pen Set which features a simplistic yet elegant design on each pen, is perfect for taking notes or journaling.

It will make any note-taking or studying feel like an exciting activity.
You will look for any excuse to write with this stunning pen set.

This pen set makes a perfect gift and can be paired beautifully with a Bible, gift book, or journal.

• Retractable Pen Set
• Kindness Matters
• Plastic Ball point pen set
• Set of 3
• Full color design and printing on barrel
• Black ink
• Packaged in gift box with hanging tab
• Packaging size: 142 x 33 x 15mm


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