Bible Sudoku (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Christian Art Publishers
Format: Paperback
Audience: General
Width: 184
Depth: 8
Length: 257
Pages: 128

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Are you looking for a fun way to challenge your mind and stay mentally sharp? Boost your brain power with Bible sudoku! No need to be a math genius or sudoku master – all you need is your Bible.
Featuring 100 sudoku puzzles with 5 levels of difficulty, Bible Sudoku is perfect for everyone, no matter how experienced a puzzler they are. Clues from the Bible make it easy for beginners to solve puzzles while sudoku masters are challenged with tricky brain teasers. The answers to all puzzles are also included.
Whether it’s your first time playing sudoku or you’re a veteran looking for a new challenge, Bible Sudoku promises to give your brain the mental exercise it’s been craving.


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