When God Doesn’t Make Sense


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Keep Your Faith During Life’s Toughest Times – Why does disease, divorce, rejection, death or sorrow seep into our lives? Why do bad things happen to seemingly good people? Drawing on his long experience as a Christian psychologist and family counsellor, Dr. James Dobson offers hope and encouragement to those who face trials and heartaches they can’t understand. Dr. Dobson brings hope to those who have almost given up, by answering life’s most troubling question: Why" God?" Most people sometime in their life will encounter difficulties that will challenge their faith in God. When their endeavour to understand is left unanswered they feel a profound sense of abandonment by God. This book is addressed to those who have been left confused and disillusioned by life’s difficulties. Weaving together personal experiences and the wisdom of Scripture Dr. Dobson offers great insight into the trials of life and how to cope with them. He concludes that we must trust the Lord even when our difficult circumstances are beyond human comprehension."