Simple Money, Rich Life (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Author: Bob Lotich
Format: ITPE
Audience: General
Width: 140
Depth: 10
Length: 211
Pages: 304

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Broken down and stranded a thousand miles from home with only $7 left in his bank account, Bob Lotich had reached his breaking point. He was stuck in a dead-end job, living paycheck-to-paycheck, stressing over money, and overwhelmed by debt. Bob had been following the world’s advice with money and this was the fruit of it. In desperation, he cried out to God for wisdom, for a different way. The answer was a simple four-part formula, one based on timeless biblical principles, and, most important, one that worked.

When Bob applied these four steps to his finances, his stress was alleviated, his bank accounts began filling up, and he finally felt fully in control of his money. Through the years, Bob has paid off over $400,000 in debt, discovered work he truly loves, reached a personal giving goal of $500,000 to charitable causes, and achieved a level of financial freedom he never dreamed possible.

Now, in Simple Money, Rich Life, Bob shares with the world this four-part formula and the money tips, tricks, and methods he’s learned over the last fifteen years—simple methods such as:

The Straight-A Strategy to get total control of your money: Attention, Adjusting, Automation, and Accountability
The Four Keys to Making Money in the Digital Era: Passion, Education, Problem-Solving, Demand
Secrets of a Six-Figure Giver: impossible goals, seed accounts, and more

After laying the groundwork, Bob issues a 21-day kickstart to create simple systems that can lead to financial security, peace, and eternal impact. Let Bob show you how to reimagine money as it was meant to be: simple.


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