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The Faith Hope and Love Magnetic Pagemarker Set gives the nod to a few of a Christian woman’s most cherished qualities. The design of each bookmark celebrates these qualities and will remind you to grow in them.

The vintage floral design in soft-toned pink and green is contrasted with a modern black twist that creates a modern-vintage feel that any woman would adore and that would make every page bloom! The sentiments refer you back to the most famous passage on love found in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 13:13. Four of the 6 magnets are decorated with a vintage design on both sides but are printed with text on the front only.




Faith Hope Love

A fifth magnetic bookmark features a coordinating design in the same color scheme with text on the front and highlights a Scripture verse reference on the back.

Faith Hope Love

1 Corinthians 13:13

The sixth magnetic bookmark in the set features a pink rose design on both the front and back of the bookmark.

Every bookmark is designed to open and magnetically clip around the designated page and can be placed at the exact line you left off reading. The magnets in the bookmark are strong enough to ensure it will not fall out of the book, nor will it crease or tear the paper.

The handy Vintage Faith Hope and Love Magnetic Bookmark Set would make a thoughtful and practical gift for any reader, either individually or as a set. Sets can be broken up and shared at book clubs, Bible studies, or in classrooms. Improve someone’s reading experience and beautify their book pages while inspiring spiritual growth with these exquisite Faith Hope and Love Magnetic Pagemarkers.

• Set of 6 vintage floral magnetic bookmarks
• Full-color print
• Rectangular folded magnets
• Packaged on backing board in cellophane self-seal bag
• Magnet size: 60 x 20 x 3mm
• Packaging size: 188 x 83 x 5mm


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