God Never Gives Up On You: What Jacob’s Story Teaches Us About Grace (Paperback)


Language: English
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Max Lucado
Format: ITPE
Audience: General
Width: 155
Depth: 18
Length: 236
Pages: 240

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God Never Gives Up on You: What Jacob’s Story Teaches Us About Grace, Mercy, And God’s Relentless Love is a book for the members of the Lost Halo Society. For the strugglers among us and the fumbler within us. For those of us who are part saint, part scoundrel. We mean well, but we don’t always do well. We have breakthroughs and breakdowns, often in the same hour. We need no reminder of our failures, but we could always use a refresher course on God’s perfect plan to use imperfect people to do great things.

No one is more suited to the task than Jacob. He was less a prodigy and more a prodigal. Strong on savvy. Low on conscience. Jacob took advantage of his famished brother and pulled the wool over the eyes of his dying father, yet God never turned his back on Jacob.

God used Jacob because God chose to use Jacob. Period. The word for that kind of devotion? Grace. Grace came after Jacob. Grace found him in the desert. Grace protected him in exile. Grace wrestled him to the ground and blessed him. Grace led him home to Canaan.

By taking a closer look at Jacob’s incredible story, you will:
• Learn to see the ways God turns your brokenness into blessings
• Overcome shame and negative thoughts by embracing who you are in the eyes of a loving, merciful God Strengthen your relationships by leading a life marked by grace and forgiveness for yourself and others

Jacob’s story invites us to believe in a God who sticks beside the unworthy and underachievers and leads us safely home. If God can use Jacob to further his kingdom, he can use us too. Let Max show you how.


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