Rough Diamonds: A New Kind of Man-Tough, Trusted, Transformed Paperback


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Men wear masks to pretend all is well. All too often, they’re merely anxious little boys who never become truly “men,” rather than just “male.” They don’t fulfill their potential, they don’t stay married, they remain emotionally stunted, they get into debt, they crumble under pressure. In short, they never develop their true character.

Anthony Delaney writes about six vital aspects of being a man: fitness, failure, finances, friends, family, and fatherhood. The transformation from coal to diamond is not easy, but a diamond is not only more resilient but purer and completely transparent. A true man in Christ is able to live openly, even gloriously, with nothing to prove, nothing to hide, and everything to live for. With God at the center, real change is possible.

Delaney explores what it means to be fit for life as a follower of Christ; what happens when we fail; how we juggle our finances; being real with your friends; giving the right priority to your family; being the best father possible; and following Jesus, the ultimate “Diamond Man.”


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