Chai Tea And Ginger Beer


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Chai Tea and Ginger Beer, the sport biography by Deborah Kirsten, wife of international cricketing start, Gary Kirsten, tells her story, Gary’s story and their story in an honest but entertaining way. It is the story of Deborah’s unexpected journey of cricket, family and beyond . . .
In her engaging writing style, Deborah takes the reader on a journey beyond the boundaries of the cricket field, telling of the glitz and glamour of their lives together, the lows and highs of Gary’s career, and shares the not-so-glamorous part of a life of constant travel, hotel rooms and being a “cricket widow”. Their faith is an integral part of their lives and Deborah shares where they find their inspiration and hope as a couple.
Deborah’s memoirs are complemented by several full-colour photographs of her life, Gary’s career and their life together. Chai Tea and Ginger Beer is a must-read for everyone – from avid cricket enthusiasts and Gary Kirsten fans to ordinary women wondering where their story fits into the lives that they live.