Sticky Notes And Push Pins (Snapp)

Sticky Notes and Push Pins (SNAPP) is a workshop for young people 16 years of age and older, encouraging them with a vision to build long-lasting, healthy relationships. They are exhorted to explore what dating and marriage mean to them and what they should expect in a healthy relationship. This program aims to equip them with skills to make informed decisions when it comes to their future relationships and to engage young people in conversations on the correlation between love and sex, the consequences associated with premarital sex, and the benefits of abstinence.

It further helps them to: discover their personal values and dreams for relationships, marriage, and family; discuss physical and emotional boundaries and how to enter mutually respectful relationships; learn effective communication; gender roles and expectations; and, overarching all, the sanctity of marriage and what it signifies; and what makes a great life partner.

Duration: 5 hours

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