What’s your greatest fear? Every week, we work with 21 youth on overcoming their fears, so that they can grow feeling that rush of exhilaration at being victorious, and hopefully, apply that attitude towards the challenges they face every day at home and school so they can excel at life. That’s why we call our program Qhawe Kids!

“Qhawe” means “Victory” in Zulu. For a lot of our orphans and vulnerable children, they don’t have positive social interactions with peers or adults. They have no mentors or older people to look up to and model their lives after. They also have nothing constructive to do after school. This leads to isolation, fear, hopelessness, and getting into a lot of trouble. Through Qhawe Kids! we offer a sense of community for the kids, who socialize through sports. The kids learn how to break out of their shells by trying something new every week, and are taught that they can overcome the challenges life has presented to them. We are currently reaching kids in two communities, Shongweni Valley and Kwadabeka. Our partners are Spirit of Adventure Trust and Clermont Public Swimming Pool who donate their facilities and trainers to join us in uplifting youth.