In this insightful parenting event, Hettie will share:

  • Brand new temperament content for all ages and personality types
  • A fun, interactive exercise to reveal your own core personality type
  • Practical parenting guidance for your children’s emotional, mental, and behavioural difficulties
  • An emphasis on raising functional adults in the age of prolonged dependence
  • Keys to protect and grow our children’s strengths in spite of the impact of our culture and the online world

Her latest publication is the new and updated Afrikaans book, Kweek Kinders met Karakter, now re-released with content for today’s parents. This book was originally printed in 2007, survived 13 subsequent prints and has become overdue for a significant update for a new generation.

Gen Alpha is facing a different world, yet, they all still have a beautiful God-given design. The book has brand new checklists and guidelines for understanding and nurturing the personality types of babies, young children, teens and adults!

The Palm Tree, Rose Bush, Pine Tree and Boxwood tree (or Lollipop Tree) are still with us, but Hettie has significantly expanded the sections about the combination tree types.

Through the years, parents have asked about the impact of disabilities, learning differences, trauma, mental health, and screens on the personality development of their children. A brand new chapter addresses these concerns and helps us support our children in appropriate ways to still flourish according to their nature.

Hettie also shares data from extensive research on the connection between gender and personality type and the implications parents should be aware of in their children’s sexual identity development. 

The last chapter has discipline guidelines for all ages with temperament and the Biblical goals of parenting woven in. It aims to answer the question: What kind of kids are we raising? Will they have what they need for the world they’ll live in?

7 May 2024 | Cape Town

Common Ground Church, Rondebosch,
7pm – 9:30pm

Ticket Price: R50 pp

About Hettie Brittz

Hettie Brittz has been married to Louis for 31 years. They have two grown and happily married children, a grandbaby and a youngest daughter about to go to university in August. They live in North-East Tennessee where Hettie is the Family Ministry Coordinator at Celebration Church of the Tri-Cities. 

In 2023, she completed her accreditation as a Professional Christian Life Coach through Light University and is Board-Certified through the International Christian Coaching Association, with a special interest in mental health, marriage, and parenting.

Hettie continues to be involved in Evergreen Parenting internationally, currently training parenting coaches in the USA, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. She co-developed Tall Trees with Annatjie van Zyl and co-authored a book for Christian Coaches in 2023, titled Don’t Change Them; Grow Them – The 8-Minute Coaching Guide to Activate the Growth Potential in Any Personality Type, Leader, Family, and Team. 

In addition to leading support groups in her community for adoptive and foster parents, women with mental health concerns, and married couples, Hettie does individual and family coaching online.

She recently wrote a program proposal for the healing of families in the First Nations in Canada in response to the disproportionate harm these vulnerable communities have suffered through generational trauma and the opioid crisis. 

Although these endeavors may seem extremely diverse, the golden thread through all of them is her belief that people are designed for a purpose, worthy of love, and destined for impact and fulfilling relationships. In all she writes, speaks, or trains, this is her motto: Know your design; Live your purpose.



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