Fight Your Way to A Better Marriage – Webinar/Events & Conferences

If you are looking to host an event to help strengthen and support couples in your community then (Fight Your Way to A Better Marriage) is a popular enrichment seminar option offered by Focus on the Family.

Course Description:
This seminar is based upon the book and DVD curriculum: Fight your Way to a Better Marriage authored by Dr. Greg Smalley. The material teaches couples how to use marital conflict in a healthy way to help deepen and strengthen their relationship. In these sessions couples will learn vital skills and concepts to take advantage of the opportunity that conflict provides to help build stronger connection.

Presented by:
Justice Matsilele a staff member of Focus on the Family presents the material online and in person. Justice has a background training in theology, child and family studies coupled with a passion to help marriages thrive.

Session (choices) include:
1.) Session 1 Getting Started
Session Aim: To help couples ponder on their love journey.
2.) Session Two: The Open Heart
Session Aim: To help spouses understand the importance of open hearts, and to equip them to make their marriage feel like the safest place on earth.
3.) Session Three: Fighting Negative Inceptions
Session Aim: To help spouses identify Satan’s in roads in their lives and marriages and put a block before these negative messages become toxic.
4.) Session Four: Heart Conditions
Session Aim: To help spouses understand how to navigate from a hardened heart to an open heart, which is a safe environment for couples to thrive.
5.) Session Five: Unlocking Healthy Conflict
Session Aim: To help spouses recognize the buttons that get pushed during their conflicts and understand how those buttons can close their hearts, causing them to act and react in ways they wouldn’t otherwise.
6.) Six: Communication: L.U.V.E Talk
Session Aim: To encourage spouses to build specific communication skills—listening, understanding, validating, and empathizing—that they can apply to conflict resolution.

Formats offered:
Each session is approximately 40 minutes and can be facilitated in the following ways:
1.) An online webinar which comprises of 2 sessions of your choice.
or used to run
2.) A two-hour in person live event including a discussion time again comprising of (2 sessions) of your choice.
Or finally as
3.) A marriage intensive where all 6 sessions are covered over a day and a half.

1.) 2- hour Online Webinar – R3000. Any additional sessions requested are charged at R1 500 each.
2.) 2- hour In Person event: – R8500
3.) In person Marriage Intensive (6 Sessions): – R12500
Friday 7-9pm
Saturday 9am – 12:30pm
*Costs are calculated and charged for based upon, facilitation fee, travel time, accommodation and travel costs which have already been factored into the above rates. In person events must be booked a minimum of – 1 month in advance of your event date.

More information:
We are flexible and adaptable and will serve you in the best way possible. These sessions are led by a trained facilitator and can be hosted by anyone. (Individual, private couple, church, or small group) etc. These seminars are offered subject to availability. For enquires and bookings please contact: or call 031 716 3300